Updates from Haiti

April ’22 Update

Bon swa Team One:27 Supporters:                                                                                                                                             April 2022

The big excitement for us this week is the week long evangelistic crusade we are holding in Port-au-Prince right in the street between our girl’s and boy’s houses in Diquini, Carrefour. We have rented staging, lights, a HUGE sound system, all manned by professionals, and are involving participants from many local churches to reach out to the Lost with the Good News of the Gospel. Tonight will be the sixth night of the eight night event. So far, over 20 young people have made a decision to surrender their life to Christ and many more have received healing from their physical infirmities. Each night there is joyful music and worship prior to the Biblical teaching. Hundreds jamb the street in celebration of all God has done for them and neighbors and passersby can’t help but get touched by the excitement and clear messages of the free gift of salvation offered to all.

Gang activity has been greatly reduced by the combined actions of local police of several municipalities who have joined forces to confront the gangs. Many gang leaders have been killed and their followers jailed in this targeted action north and west of Port-au-Prince. The gangs who have terrorized the Martissant District, which separates our area from downtown P-au-P and the airport have yet to be addressed, but they have grown quiet in anticipation of the confrontation planned for the near future.

Food prices continue to soar, and the largely inactive Haitian government has yet to rescind the ban that the former (assassinated) president had put in place that severely limited shipments of supplies into the country for fear vehicles and containers might contain firearms or ammunition. We have a truck with over four tons of desperately needed food items that still sits in Pennsylvania awaiting the lifting of this restriction. The government has continually said the lifting of this ban is imminent, but it has yet to take effect. Please agree with us in prayer that the ban will be eliminated very soon. We could easily fill a second truck or school bus with the supplies we have been accumulating since the ban was put in place last Spring.

We were blessed with a very favorable rental agreement on a large property for our girls’ house, directly across the street from our boys’ house here in P-au-P. The building is roomy and offers exercise and play areas that are easily accessible to all our children and local staff. We will be welcoming ten new children next week: four from Jacmel and six from Jeremie, which was devastated by last August’s series of earthquakes. We need to purchase ten more beds for $100 each and an additional ten mattresses for $45 each. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Other needs include a freezer for the girl’s house so we can buy chicken in bulk at more favorable prices. We need to replace the freezer that has served us so well for several years but has “died,” with this new, more efficient unit at a cost of $450. Also, we have built an additional three rooms at our Les Cayes compound for storage and housing that need a roof to cover all three rooms. Projected cost $3.500.

God has been opening new doors for us as the older children finish high school and additional training in a trade of their choice; equipped to leave Divine Ministries and take their place in the world beyond Divine Ministries. Their ongoing commitment includes supporting the children who come behind them and tithing to the local church, as well as repaying the no interest loan that paid for specific training in their chosen field. There is no lack of children who need a helping hand to guide them through their early years and provide a safe environment that will meet their needs for food, clothing, shelter and education, as well as discipling in their walk with Christ.

Our school in Les Cayes continues to offer extremely low-cost schooling to many local children that otherwise could never afford a formal education; not free, but based on whatever is reasonable for the individual families. Along with the schooling we are able to offer solar-powered purified water to the surrounding community at a nominal charge thanks to a generous, Pittsburgh, PA-based ministry that provided and maintains the water system.

We are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support that God has been honoring in ways that bless the children and staff at Divine Ministries as well as the communities that surround our various locations. We look forward to working together to continue to meet the many needs here in Haiti. If your church, your family, or organization is interested in helping with any of these projects or sending a work team here to work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, please contact me and we will help you organize and complete your project.

May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ.


Mark Gillette, Team One:27


February 2022 Newsletter

Re-Connecting with Haiti

TeamOne27 has continued our work in Haiti from a distance… we have been unable to visit the troubled nation since July 2021, primarily due to gang violence and control of the city of Port au Prince. 
Brudda’ Mark Gillette has just returned from his first visit since then and was able to see first-hand the ongoing work of Divine Ministries in Hope for Children as led by Pastor Daniel Jean.

Gangs Still Causing Havoc!

Key segments of Port au Prince are still under gang control – the usual trip “across town” now requires a 4-5 hour journey into high lands and over rough roads – a 4 wheel-drive vehicle is a “must have”.  

The threat and danger of kidnapping is ever present but God continues to be “ever-present-er” – and faithful to care for His children!

Further Earthquakes

Before clean-up from one earthquake is completed, another occurs! 

The magnitude 7.2 earthquake in August 2021 did much damage and had residents fearful of sleeping in buildings…  just a few weeks ago, magnitude 5.3 and 5.1 earthquakes struck just an hour apart in the same general region along the southern “arm” of the island! 


Even So…

Yes, we need to stay aware and alert… but we cannot shrink from the work that needs to be done…    When our eyes and hearts are open, we see God’s hand at every turn!

LIVESTOCK: Chickens, pigs and a cow have been “producing” in Les Cayes, helping to furnish food and income!

More detail is in Mark’s most recent email update – if you did not receive this, please let us know; we’re working hard to keep “our team” informed – so glad that you are a part of it!



Current & Specific Needs

In addition to the normal, on-going expenses of operating houses & schools, feeding the children, and paying our staff & for medical care (please see https://teamone27.org/budget-goals/  – annual budget of  approximately $150,000), there are always significant projects that present themselves… 


Solar Power: A large solar panel was destroyed in the August 17th earthquake; the related equipment is also in need of updates/upgrades.  The system provides power for the compound including a water purification system which is a certain need for a healthy community.  Repair estimate is $1,000 USD.

More kids means we need more benches!

We recognize that it is all God’s work and that He will supply what is needed  – these details are provided so you can pray specifically & intentionally about the needs and seek God’s direction on whether there is a role for you in meeting them.

Note: Most donors/partners give to our general budget which is used according to the priorities that Pastor Daniel Jean faces at the moment.  Any designated donations are, of course, directed to the needs identified by the donor; however, if the designated need has been met through other donations, “excess” funds will be treated as undesignated and directed to the next priority.  We trust this is an acceptable approach to our partners.

We welcome your prayers and financial support and are grateful for your partnership and concern for the work in Haiti.



Our Contact Information


P.O. Box 78

Wernersville, PA 19565


(610) 451-1996




Web: teamone27.org



Crusade Upcoming!

Hey Friends:


Pastor Daniel Jean and Pastor Yongton of Church On Fire have set the dates for an evangelistic crusade for Sunday, April 3 through Sunday, April 10, 2022 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The primary purpose is evangelistic, through preaching the Gospel and confirming the Word with signs following; especially healing those who need a touch from God.


The estimated cost for a sound system, staging, water, etc, is $5,000 USD, of which the Church On Fire believes they can provide roughly half. This past week construction work was begun on the expansion of the church building in P-au-P in an effort to accommodate the growing congregation, which expands on a weekly, if not daily, basis. God is good!


I have made my travel arrangements for this event (see below) but would welcome any receiving this email who feel God’s call to participate in this outreach to consider this an invitation to “jump on board.” I just made my flight arrangements today and know there are many available seats on the flights I chose…


If your belief in God’s willingness to heal (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) could use a boost, I would encourage you to seriously consider being part of His solution to show Himself strong on behalf of His church; especially regarding the needs of the unsaved who will be attending this crusade.


If you need more information or would like my help in making your arrangements, just let me know,





January 2022

Bon swa from Haiti!
I finally made it back to “The Pearl of the Caribbean!” Gangs still control the main route(s) through Port-au-Prince, but there is a roundabout way to get past the dangerous area, so all you need is a four wheel drive vehicle and four more hours each way to reach the airport from Diquini. I still would not recommend a mission team to plan a trip here in the near future, but if one keeps a low profile, travel is possible.
For those of you who look for “God sightings,” we had one the day I arrived. Pastor Daniel was on his way (through the mountain passes) to pick me up at the airport when his vehicle’s muffler was torn off. He wired it onto the roof and drove (very loudly) to the first place where repairs could be made. He only had 1,000 gourdes ($10 USD) with him after buying food earlier for the children, and needed much more for the muffler repair. There was an ATM nearby and although he knew he had already withdrawn all the funds I had put into his ATM account earlier, he put in his card and found there was $200 USD in the account. No one other than Pastor Daniel and I have access to that account…Oh yeah, I was forgetting that God still has access too! No other explanation presents itself. We have a rich Father, and He loves us!
I arrived on Tuesday during a 5.5 earthquake in Les Cayes. It was also felt in Port-au-Prince, but only weakly. Our buildings in Les Cayes continue to stand, but have suffered cracks that reduce/eliminate trust in those who intend to shelter there. Three schools near us in Les Cayes have closed completely because their buildings collapsed. Our school enrollment has tripled already to overe 100 full-time students and unless the other local schools can make needed repairs, we expect our enrollment to double again this Fall.
We don’t have an estimate yet for what building repairs we need to make, but we know we need more benches and tables for our school, even as we hold classes on the expansive front porch of our orphanage building. Sometimes classes are also held under tarps when more space is needed. Pastor Daniel estimates we will need $1,400 USD to build the needed furniture.
The large solar panel that was destroyed in the August 17th earthquake must be replaced to provide all the electricity for our compound, including the power to run our water purification system; a very basic necessity for life and health in Les Cayes. The support system for the solar panel must also be refurbished due to age. Pastor Daniel estimates those repairs to require $1,000 USD.
Many of you know of Madam Dumas, the women who donated the land in Les Cayes for us to build our orphanage. Fortunately, she was not in Les Cayes back in August because the earthquake totally destroyed her house. With help from her children, who live outside Haiti, she is currently rebuilding her house in an even larger “footprint.” God is blessing her too. (See Proverbs 19:17).
It puzzles me how some buildings were destroyed, while others nearby escaped damage. Even along the roads there were landslides that spread rocks and other debris onto the road. Some of these materials will be used to fill in potholes and some will be used as materials for buildings. No need to mine for the materials; it is lying there already available!
The road that all traffic west of Martissant (Gang-controlled territory) must navigate to reach the east side of Port-au-Prince is extremely rough and requires a four-wheeled vehicle to traverse. It also adds three or four hours to each leg of the trip. Although this route used to be navigated primarily by animals and motorcycles, now repairs and improvements are being undertaken quickly to provide even this difficult path to connect the east and west areas of Port-au-Prince. In many places, locals with only shovels and picks are smoothing out difficult patches of the route. They hold their hands out to each vehicle passing that way to be recompensed for their efforts. It is a good idea to carry a large number of small bills or other loose change to reward these workers and show appreciation as you pass. It would seem easier, quicker, and much more cost efficient to irradicate the gang activity that makes these efforts necessary, but for now the government is treating the symptoms and not the problem. 
Another “God sighting” involves the boys’ house in Port-au-Prince. The issue of resettling the boys into a new place has been ongoing for over a year. We had paid one landowner for the year ahead and waited for many months for him to make the needed (and promised) repairs to the building and grounds, Eventually he conceded that he was unable/unwilling to make the repairs, so he returned our funds. Pastor Daniel found another building for the boys further from the rest of our locations. This building also needed some repairs, but an attempt was made to prepare the building and the boys moved in recently only to discover additional problems that could not be easily rectified. The owner agreed with Pastor Daniel to rent another of his properties to us that is directly across from our girls’ house, which makes travel very convenient. This second property is much larger and was our first choice, only the rental price was beyond our budget. As recompense for the mix-up, the owner is allowing us to rent the property for the same amount we were going to pay for the smaller and more distant property. God made a way!
In other good news we now have plenty of chickens in Les Cayes: both layers and fryers, and the children are able to have both eggs and chicken for meals on a more regular basis. Our thanks to the teams and individuals who both seeded the money for the chicken raising project and built the chicken coop. Another donor bought two pigs a couple years ago that have been generating piglets that grow up and are either sold or eaten at the orphanage. Three adult pigs survived the recent earthquakes and are back in business creating an income stream for the orphanage. Additionally, a cow was donated several years ago that is producing milk for the children. This cow had a bull calf last year that is being raised until big enough to sell. He will be replaced with another heifer calf and “Mommy cow” is again being bred so she can continue producing milk for the children.
Operation Blessing has committed to help finish our guest house on the Les Cayes property for visiting mission teams to use when working in Haiti. Government paperwork is required before these funds can begin to flow and Pastor Daniel has applied for this certification and is working closely with the government office that processes these requests.
Another NGO (non-government organization) that has been helping us and others in both Les Cayes and Jeremie is called IOM. They provided 400 tarps and five gallon buckets containing basic tools that will help individual families rebuild and provide a temporary roof over their heads in the meantime.
Lastly, we are in the process of adding three more rooms to the solar power generating building, Each room is of sufficient size to house a small family, One is intended for our on-site gardener, one for a teacher that teaches in our Les Cayes school during the week, but whose family home is in Port-au-Prince, and the third room will be a “depot” (a place to store food, equipment, and other needed supplies).
Yesterday a group referred to as “Mystics” tried their own brand of justice on the gangs that control the major route connecting east Port-au-Prince with the western sections. They loaded a vehicle with food supplies and drove it through the contested area. They were stopped by one particular gang and subsequently surrendered their vehicle and all it contained. The people were allowed to leave when they left all behind. Unknown to the gang members was that the supplies were poisoned! Several gang members have already died and many more are in serious distress. The Mystics (who are decidedly NOT Christian, but reportedly have healing powers) have offered to pray for healing for the gang members for a fee of $25,000 USD for each gang member that wants to be healed. They don’t guarantee healing; in fact, they have told the gang members that they will still die for being “bad people,” only they may not suffer as much.
The road through the contested area was open yesterday, as other gangs are now afraid to intercept travelers for fear a similar fate will be theirs. Although this may not be a Godly solution, it certainly made an impact; at least temporarily.
Hopefully, there was enough good news in this update to keep you reading through both pages. God is working for, in, and through us and we are sure He is pleased when we trust Him enough give to a work that only He could complete! 


Christmas 2021 Update

Joyeux Noel TeamOne27 Supporters:                                                                                                                         December 25, 2021
First off, thank you for all the various means of support for the children at Divine Ministries in Haiti that you provided so far in 2021. The children and staff there are extremely grateful that you listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to help meet the needs of these dear ones.
You probably heard that all 17 of the missionary hostages that were kidnapped in October are now free and back home with their families. We praise God for their safe release. You may not be aware that the last 12 to be “released” actually escaped during the night. Either way, we are grateful that they were unharmed, though they will doubtless bear some emotional baggage for some time to come from that ordeal.
The gangs are still nominally in control of the country and continue to regulate the amount of fuel that is accessible to the public, including hospitals, banks, businesses, etc. Gasoline fluctuates between $4 and $20 per gallon USD, depending on whether the gangs are permitting gas to be distributed. In the times when fuel is being held back, hospitals, banks, and other businesses can only open for business on certain days of the week because they have no fuel to run the generators needed for electricity. We continue to pray that the Haitian government can gain enough strength and manpower to subdue the gangs and end this reign of lawlessness.
In happier news: A non-government organization (NGO) named OIM has provided 500 tarps and 500 hygiene kits to Daniel for distribution to those hard hit by the August earthquake, You probably didn’t hear about the additional “shakings” that our loved ones in Les Cayes experienced earlier this week. Any time these occur our children, staff and neighbors are brutally reminded of the devastation and loss of life that happened earlier. No rest for the weary!
The wall around our compound in Les Cayes is now restored to its pre-earthquake condition; and even better, since it is all new. Operation Blessing has offered to help finish the guest house on our orphanage property, but the requisite government paperwork must be acquired before funds can be disbursed. Please pray for the speedy handling of the paperwork that Pastor Daniel Jean has submitted.
Another NGO, named AVC, has asked to use our Les Cayes compound to offer training to the locals who have specific skills that need further development. Education is so important to supporting one’s family and for upward mobility. Praise God for this additional resource!
Here in the USA we celebrate Christmas with church services, many gifts to loved ones, lavish meals – even beyond what is good for our health. In Haiti, a meal of fish and rice is considered a blessing from God, and if possible, an article of new clothing makes for an extra-special Christmas. Marjorie Jean is putting on a small Christmas party in both Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes for our children and staff. It might seem to us to be “meager,” but I have seen how excited the children and staff get over any special occasion.
Lord willing, I will return to Haiti sometime next month, for the first time since late July 2021. Gangs are still an issue, and travelling in a large group could make one a target, but Daniel Jean believes that we can be safe together by circumventing the areas controlled by the gangs. My (usual) monthly visits to Haiti serve as more than simply a courier of health and beauty aid items that are so expensive in Haiti; it is important for clear communication and encouragement for both those at Divine Ministries and those who support the work from here in the USA.
We realize that for the past two months most of us have received repeated and varied requests for donations from many worthwhile organizations. But we also know that for many donors the end of the year is when they consider to whom they will send a contribution, as good stewards that are aware of tax burden considerations. So we would be remiss if we did not remind all interested that every penny donated to TeamOne27 is conveyed directly, in its entirety to Divine Ministries in Hope for Haitian Children. Please ask the Holy Spirit to direct any yearend giving you may consider, as there are many “areas of the vineyard,” and only the Lord knows where it would be the most useful. And as my former pastor used to say “Give until it feels good!”
Please periodically visit our newly rebuilt website www.TeamOne27.org to stay connected to the ministry of which you are so vital a part. We are trying to utilize the website in a way that keeps you more informed of what God is doing in Haiti through your prayers and support.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ and help alleviate the suffering of many of the hurting around the world.
Mark Gillette
PO Box 78, Wernersville, PA 19565


November 2021 Update

Bon swa Team One:27 Supporters:                                                                                                                          November 5, 2021
Haiti’s schools are open and the enrollment at our Les Cayes facility grows each week. We are educating many of the children in our neighborhood in addition to the children at our orphanage. Operation Blessing, a non-profit ministry outreach of CBN, has partnered with us and has provided school books, supplies, and has covered other school expenses for many of the children at our school in Les Cayes. They also bought construction materials so we could continue/finish the guest house we started building in Les Cayes after the 2010 earthquake. That facility is intended for housing short-term mission teams that come to Haiti to help in reconstruction and reaching the Lost.
The ministry group YAM has also helped us recently by providing 300 hygiene kits and 300 tarps for Pastor Daniel to distribute among the 50 churches we help shepherd in the Jeremie area (the northwest region of Haiti’s southern peninsula). The Haitian government has not provided any relief to date, but other NGO’s (non-government organizations) have been visiting the areas hardest hit by the August 2021 earthquake(s). That event was not one single earthquake, as many believe, but continued for weeks with powerful “aftershocks” which kept the fear level up among most of the populace in that area. After one loses loved ones, or sees the destructive ability of an earthquake first-hand, it is difficult to sleep under a roof; especially if it is constructed of cement and rebar, as most buildings are in Haiti.
We have received financial aid from many donors to help in the rebuilding process and have utilized those funds to rebuild the wall surrounding our Les Cayes compound and make needed repairs to the buildings which house our children and staff. That created jobs for many local workers so they could in turn provide for their families. We have also been able to provide food, shelter, and other assistance to many families in our immediate area who lost their homes to the earthquake. At one point more than 45 local families were living on our property. We did our best to keep them covered with tarps, tents, and other temporary means, and feed them enough to keep them alive.
We had recently accepted 15 more small children to our orphanage immediately prior to the August 17th earthquake, but have been pressed to accept even more children who have been displaced by the earthquake. There is no shortage of people of all ages who are in desperate condition, so we continue to look to God to meet these needs. The resources we hold in our hands are limited, but our God is not!
Gangs continue to rule in Haiti. Not officially, but in reality. You have probably heard of the 17 person mission team from the USA and Canada who were kidnapped several weeks ago and who are still waiting to be released (we pray safely). We learned this week that the word on the street in Haiti is that several countries, including the USA, are working together on a plan to get these hostages released and to bring an end to the tyranny these gangs have been inflicting on the already hurting citizenry. Please pray for the souls of the kidnappers and that the Holy Spirit will illuminate their understanding of their need for a savior and introduce them to Christ.
I have not been able to physically visit Haiti since late July because of the gang activity. There are ways to travel there, but not with a comfortable margin of safety. Instead, we have been focusing on raising funds for the ministry there and gathering non-perishable food and other supplies for future shipment to Haiti.
Port-au-Prince has become increasingly more dangerous as a place to house our children and staff. We have located land near the Dominican Republic border that is available for sale where we could build a compound away from P-au-P to continue our ministry in a safer area where food and supplies are more readily available, and at lower costs. More information will follow, but for now we know it will cost $100,000 for the land before we can begin to build. Please join with us in prayer that God would open a door and make a way for us to move forward on this project. The lives of our children and staff may well depend on it.
As always, we are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support that God has been honoring in ways that bless the children and staff at Divine Ministries as well as the communities that surround our various locations. We look forward to working together to continue to meet the many needs in Haiti. If your church, your family, or organization is interested in helping with any of these projects or sending a work team to work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, please contact me and we will help you organize and complete your project.
Please periodically visit our newly rebuilt website www.TeamOne27.org to stay connected to the ministry of which you are so vital a part. We are trying to utilize the website in a way that keeps you more informed of what God is doing in Haiti through your prayers and support.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ.
Mark Gillette


Pray for multiplying miracles!

Daniel went to Jeremie to distribute 250 water treatment buckets provided by another NGO to members of the 50 churches we have been helping there.  The effects of drinking polluted water may well be the next crisis.  They are glad for the water but are crying for food.  Daniel provided some food as he could but we must pray that it is multiplied to the benefit of many more.  TeamOne27 still has several tons of food waiting to ship to Haiti but the ports have been closed since just before the Haitian President was assassinated.  Pray the interim government realizes that closed ports are hampering efforts to provide food and other aid.