Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

September 2023 Update

Much has happened in Haiti since our last update: We have continued building our new orphanage on the compound in Les Cayes, we have moved all the children and staff from Port-au-Prince to the new building location (though it is still under construction) into temporary quarters, and we have shipped a 40-foot container filled with food and equipment to Haiti which has successfully arrived in P-au-P.

But the biggest development is the situation with the gangs, known by Haitians as “the gun people.” The gangs recently announced to the country that they were sorry for the way they have treated the country and that they were relinquishing control of the roads and methods of transporting goods. There was rejoicing over that announcement, but the populace is naturally skeptical of this change and is cautiously testing the veracity of the gangs’ intentions regarding travel and other activities that would have been normal prior to the rise of the gangs.

If true, it would mean that the long overdue national election could be held. President Jovenel was killed in July of 2021 and since no election was held in the eighteen months that followed, all government offices were officially vacated, by constitution in January this year. That did not actually result in government posts being abandoned, but it did create a slowdown and backlog in government services. Perhaps better days lie just ahead.

I am in Haiti this week and witnessing the last of the necessary transfer of equipment and personnel to the countryside of Les Cayes. Perhaps we will even see the container delivered to our compound in Les Cayes. There is a very involved legal process to be endured in the processing of the paperwork for releasing the container from Customs.

The roof for the new building in Les Cayes is currently only partially completed. The metal rebar is in place and the forms have been built in preparation for the pouring of the cement, but we lack the resources to buy the materials and pay for the labor to complete the roof. Our original cost estimate for this part of the project appears to be accurate, but due to the urgency for moving the children to the countryside prior to the start of the school year, coupled with the very real threat of gang activity, we started building by faith when we had received roughly half of the projected funds needed.

There will of course be other costs of finishing the building once the roof is finished, but completing this part of the project will allow us to house children in the building, even before we install ceramic flooring, plumbing, electricity, and paint the building, inside and out. The balance needed to complete the roof is $10,000; one third of the original cost estimate. The children are really happy and excited about living out in the countryside with cleaner air and vastly more room to exercise and play.

Please join with us in prayer that God will supply the funds for the current construction project, patience for all who are now living in temporary living quarters, the reemergence of sanity and safety in the streets, and the establishment of a working government that actually works for the good of the people who elected them rather that their self-interests.

Thanks for your continued support in the many forms that takes.

Mark Gillette, TeamOne27