TeamOne27 History


What began as a grassroots friendship between an American and a Haitian family has grown since 2001 into an extended Family in Haiti comprising a series of Homes of Blessing, caring for a varying number of orphans, and a Team of committed partners in the United States who consolidate their resources via an official Not For Profit corporation called TeamOne27.  The heartbeat of the mission from its inception was to rescue the uncared for orphans in Haiti with food and water, shelter, family care, education, medical help, and future hope through the love and instruction of Jesus Christ as revealed in scripture, knowing this will in turn expand the blessing to their communities (the widows and poor) and ultimately the entire nation of Haiti!  TeamOne27 exists to practically “put hands and feet” to this mission, primarily through support of “Divine Ministries in Hope for Children”.

 “Divine Ministries in Hope for Children” is the name of the ministry begun by it’s Haitian Director, Daniel Jean.  It has become his and our “Family” in Haiti.  It began in 2001 as a simple act of faith and obedience on the part of Daniel to take into his care a small group of children in the Port Au Prince region of Haiti whose family either were dead or otherwise unable to provide basic care due to their extreme poverty.  It has grown, and today varies from 90 to 200 adopted orphan children depending on graduations and new needs, and also includes Daniel’s beautiful wife Marjorie and their two children Christo and Madalia.  Daniel’s mission now encompasses three “Homes of Blessing” in two regions, an entire local church, a team of paid employees, and an enormous local impact in their community as a living witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The basic mission of Pastor Daniel Jean from the beginning was to reach out in the Love of Christ to the desperate children in his area.  Daniel understands this to mean that each child should have a safe place to live, loving-adult supervision, daily food, necessary clothing, education, and training in what it means to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

The unique ability of the body of Christ, the Church, in providing care for these children is the fabric and care of a large “Family”, hence our reference to the USA side of our partnership as the “Family” end.  Daniel began a church simply to accommodate the large number of children in his care that he could not afford to transport to another local church.  Well over 300 neighbors and friends attend the Port-au-Prince church location.  The pastors of this “Home Church” also provide leadership and pastoral training at sixteen satellite churches spread over the southern peninsula of Haiti, and are often seen throughout the week checking in with the kids.  From an American perspective, they are more like a small church that lives together as a family.  Although external adoption for these children may be a future possibility, it was never an expectation given to them when they were taken in by Daniel.    In fact, they ARE adopted.  This is their family, and with our help they are growing up with a healthy opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty.