Mark Gillette

Board Chairman

A founding member, Mark is a self employed contractor and travels nearly monthly to Haiti to ensure the Haitian Family’s needs are communicated to TeamOne27.  Mark’s wife Deb also travels to Haiti as often as she can to visit and support her Haitian family.

Bryn Gillette

Board Secretary 

A founding member and son of Mark Gillette, Bryn is a teacher and Artist.  Bryn and his wife Kirsten have been using his artwork to celebrate and promote the work in Haiti since 2001. The Haiti work can be seen and purchased at and 50% of all proceeds from the Haiti “Beyond the Ruins” series are donated to TeamOne27.

Scott Gillette

Board Treasurer 

Brother of Mark Gillette, Scott is a Pastor at Amherst Baptist Church in Amherst, N.Y.  One of Scott’s efforts has been to arrange for “Shoes that Grow” to be shipped to the orphanages to improve access to shoes for children in this tough environment.

Jeff Gillette

 Board Member & Web Manager 

Brother of Mark Gillette, Jeff is a retired Engineer and member of Genoa Baptist Church in Westerville, Ohio.  Jeff has arranged sponsorship for a water well, and several vehicles filled with food and clothing.








Patty Page

Financial Secretary 

Patty is an Accountant and has volunteered in this role for several years.

Daniel Jean

 Director, Divine Ministries in Hope for Children, Haiti 

Daniel and his wife Marjorie manage the staff of cooks, teachers and guards, and arrange medical care for the 3 orphanage locations of Divine Ministries.