TeamOne27 Actions/Budgets

Daily Needs – $150,000/year

We raise money to pay for rent, food, clothing, schooling and medical care for as many as 220 orphans.  The number of orphans varies depending on need, graduations, and how many spots the Haitian government requires us to fill or hold open for emergency needs. See August 2023 Newsletter in Blog section for breakdown.

Direct Provision of Supplies – $30,000/year

We purchase buses and trucks in the United States, fill them with food, clothing and other supplies and use the vehicles as shipping containers, sending them by barge to be offloaded at the orphanage in Carrefour.  Once empty, the vehicles are either sold for support funding, or they are used to provide jobs for orphanage “graduates”.  We have also provided emergency vehicles (ambulance and pickup trucks) for some rural areas.

Improving Facilities – $30,000/year

We raise money and/or send work teams to build housing, schools, churches, install water wells and water filtration systems, and solar power systems.

Sponsor Additional Schooling – $3,000/year

We seek sponsors for either Vocational Training or college tuition for orphanage “graduates”, for example; Tap-Tap (Bus) Drivers, Tile Layers, Accountants, and Nurses are some of the training we have sponsored.  We have also provided both electric and foot operated sewing machines and training to provide jobs to current older orphans and graduates.