Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

Jan 2024 update

Happy New Year to all of you who pray for and support Divine Ministries in Hope for Children in Haiti! May you be richly blessed!
Much has happened in Haiti since our last update! The roof for the new building in Les Cayes has been completed and windows are now being installed. Most projects in Haiti are completed in stages; we started building by faith with roughly half of the projected funds needed and are trusting God for the remainder. Meanwhile, due to the urgent need and action to move from Port au Prince to avoid gang activity, we have children and staff living in unfinished rooms; there is much yet to be done!
Also, an additional water tank was added…and a new generator with increased capacity was also added – thanks to a generous donation from a church in Reading, PA.
Note: the solar-powered system in place was not capable of producing all the needed electricity. Eventually more solar power equipment will be installed, but a generator backup system is a prudent investment.
All our children are doing well and love being out in the country with room to play, clean air, and the ability to attend school right on our property. Church is held on the outdoor porch each Sunday. The congregation is growing in numbers and knowledge of our Lord.
Good Plan: Last Fall the gangs announced they would release their stranglehold on the country, allowing businesses to return, travel to go uninterrupted, and goods to flow unhindered.
Bad Result: Unfortunately, gang activity has become increasingly worse. Goods and services are both scarce and extremely expensive.
Logistical Struggles:
My “November trip” to Haiti was rescheduled three times due to the difficulties in getting airplane tickets inside Haiti. Because gangs harass anyone who appears to have money, people fly from PAP to Les Cayes rather than drive; the small airline has been stretched beyond their capacity. Pastor Daniel needed over two weeks lead time to secure in-country flights for me, and even then had difficulty. I finally have the necessary tickets for my trip to Haiti at the end of this month.
The container of food we shipped to Haiti last September arrived in Port-au-Prince on October 4, 2023, but has yet to be released to us due to a paperwork error by the shipper. We resisted paying demurrage charges caused by the shipper’s mistake, but ultimately decided to pay the money to get the container released. We have been assured that we will be fully reimbursed. Please pray toward that end!
The next step will be to pay for government employees to go through every item, checking code dates and confirming that there is no contraband. After that, everything must be transferred into two large trucks for shipment across the southern coast of Haiti to Les Cayes. Please agree with us in prayer that God will protect the drivers, trucks and goods so they can arrive safely at their destination.
National Struggles:
Unfortunately, Haiti doesn’t appear any closer to holding their long overdue national election because the gangs don’t want it to happen. Please pray that the election will occur and Godly individuals will be elected that will care for the people rather than lining their own pockets. Power, prestige, and pocketbooks seem to guide the current decisions.
Also, cholera raised its ugly head again at the end of 2023 due to heavy rains and rising water tables.
Our Hope for the future:
Please join with us in prayer that God will supply:
– the funds for the current construction project,
– patience for all who are now living in temporary living quarters,
– the re-emergence of sanity and safety in the streets, and
– the establishment of a working government that actually works for the good of the people who elected them rather than their self-interests.
Thank you for your continued support in the many forms that it takes.
Mark Gillette, TeamOne27
610-451-1996 or
Special Project!
We are taking the first steps of a new ministry to train pastors in Haiti. Many men are serving with little training and little opportunity for it. In fact, last year a special gift was received that allowed us to provide Bibles to 75 PASTORS who did not have their own copy of God’s Word!
Note: This effort will not use any funds that have been given to care for the children, as that is our primary objective – however, we see a significant opportunity to impact the Kingdom and the nation through this initiative. We would be pleased to have partners in this endeavor; if you are interested, please designate related donations for “Pastor Training”.