We sponsor three orphanage locations in Haiti. Two are located just west of Port-au-Prince, in Carrefour. One is dedicated to boy’s dorms and school class rooms, and the other is for girls dorms. These orphanages are located in close proximity to each other, allowing for shared staffing and combined schooling in younger grades.  Older children walk together from their dorms to local schools.

These two orphanages are rented locations that must be paid a year in advance.  The Orphanage Director Daniel, selects safe locations for the kids, but they are always temporary as the owners could, at any time, decide to sell the properties causing us to move again.  This has happened several times over the years where we must without substantial warning, find new homes suitable for boys and girls dorms.

Carrefour (Haitian CreoleKafoupronounced [kafu]) is a largely residential commune in the Port-au-Prince Arrondissement, in the Ouest department of Haiti. The commune had a population of 373,916 at the 2003 census, and was officially estimated to have grown to 511,345 inhabitants in 2015.[1] It is mostly a bedroom community for those who work in central Port-au-Prince.
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