Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

April 2024 Update

Gang activity is again on the rise in Haiti. Since Canada froze the accounts of wealthy Haitians that were reported to have been financing the Haitian gangs, the gangs decided to fund their activities by setting up a toll system on the frequently traveled streets and roads. Haitians can usually get through by paying the required toll, but anyone from outside the country is in serious danger at these checkpoints. You may remember that an eight-day evangelistic crusade was planned for Easter week right in the street outside our two P-au-P orphanages. Several churches were partnering with us to reach even more people with the Gospel than at our 2022 crusade. Alas, the crusade had to be cancelled due to the increased gang activity. Additionally, the increase in gang shootings and terrorization is now prevalent in what was the mostly peaceful area of Diquini; the site of our headquarters and two Port-au-Prince orphanages. Daniel told me today that he encountered 20 gang members right outside our two orphanage sites. Our children and staff need to move out of the Diquini area ASAP for their continued safety!
Thanks to a generous end-of-year donation, we have been building a new orphanage building within the compound we own in Les Cayes; the western countryside area of the southern peninsula, where gang activity is negligible. The foundation and walls of this building are finished up to the level of what will be the second floor, but we desperately need to get a roof over this sixteen-room area in order to move the children out of P-au-P (see attached). The architect’s estimate to finish the roof (which will also be the floor to the second story) is $30,000 USD. That figure will only increase in the future as costs of all goods in Haiti continue to escalate. Please agree with us in prayer that God will make these needed funds available right away so the construction project can continue to provide the needed shelter for all the Divine Ministries staff and children.
We are not left without hope or the blessings of God. On Easter Sunday there were over 400 people that attended church at The Church On Fire, where Pastor Daniel is blessed to lead. In fact, every day and evening of Holy week there were worship services going on in spite of the increased gang activity.
The appeal that was made in our most recent newsletter for more school benches generated an enthusiastic response, for which we are grateful. The benches are already in use at the Les Cayes school and are also being used on Sundays to hold church in the large roof-sheltered area of our orphanage.
God is doing great things in, for, and through this ministry and you have a part in the rewards that will be distributed in heaven for all the lives that are being touched, strengthened, and even saved through Divine Ministries. Thanks for all you do to make this ministry possible.
In Christian love and service,
Mark Gillette, TeamOne27