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November 2021 Update

Bon swa Team One:27 Supporters:                                                                                                                          November 5, 2021
Haiti’s schools are open and the enrollment at our Les Cayes facility grows each week. We are educating many of the children in our neighborhood in addition to the children at our orphanage. Operation Blessing, a non-profit ministry outreach of CBN, has partnered with us and has provided school books, supplies, and has covered other school expenses for many of the children at our school in Les Cayes. They also bought construction materials so we could continue/finish the guest house we started building in Les Cayes after the 2010 earthquake. That facility is intended for housing short-term mission teams that come to Haiti to help in reconstruction and reaching the Lost.
The ministry group YAM has also helped us recently by providing 300 hygiene kits and 300 tarps for Pastor Daniel to distribute among the 50 churches we help shepherd in the Jeremie area (the northwest region of Haiti’s southern peninsula). The Haitian government has not provided any relief to date, but other NGO’s (non-government organizations) have been visiting the areas hardest hit by the August 2021 earthquake(s). That event was not one single earthquake, as many believe, but continued for weeks with powerful “aftershocks” which kept the fear level up among most of the populace in that area. After one loses loved ones, or sees the destructive ability of an earthquake first-hand, it is difficult to sleep under a roof; especially if it is constructed of cement and rebar, as most buildings are in Haiti.
We have received financial aid from many donors to help in the rebuilding process and have utilized those funds to rebuild the wall surrounding our Les Cayes compound and make needed repairs to the buildings which house our children and staff. That created jobs for many local workers so they could in turn provide for their families. We have also been able to provide food, shelter, and other assistance to many families in our immediate area who lost their homes to the earthquake. At one point more than 45 local families were living on our property. We did our best to keep them covered with tarps, tents, and other temporary means, and feed them enough to keep them alive.
We had recently accepted 15 more small children to our orphanage immediately prior to the August 17th earthquake, but have been pressed to accept even more children who have been displaced by the earthquake. There is no shortage of people of all ages who are in desperate condition, so we continue to look to God to meet these needs. The resources we hold in our hands are limited, but our God is not!
Gangs continue to rule in Haiti. Not officially, but in reality. You have probably heard of the 17 person mission team from the USA and Canada who were kidnapped several weeks ago and who are still waiting to be released (we pray safely). We learned this week that the word on the street in Haiti is that several countries, including the USA, are working together on a plan to get these hostages released and to bring an end to the tyranny these gangs have been inflicting on the already hurting citizenry. Please pray for the souls of the kidnappers and that the Holy Spirit will illuminate their understanding of their need for a savior and introduce them to Christ.
I have not been able to physically visit Haiti since late July because of the gang activity. There are ways to travel there, but not with a comfortable margin of safety. Instead, we have been focusing on raising funds for the ministry there and gathering non-perishable food and other supplies for future shipment to Haiti.
Port-au-Prince has become increasingly more dangerous as a place to house our children and staff. We have located land near the Dominican Republic border that is available for sale where we could build a compound away from P-au-P to continue our ministry in a safer area where food and supplies are more readily available, and at lower costs. More information will follow, but for now we know it will cost $100,000 for the land before we can begin to build. Please join with us in prayer that God would open a door and make a way for us to move forward on this project. The lives of our children and staff may well depend on it.
As always, we are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support that God has been honoring in ways that bless the children and staff at Divine Ministries as well as the communities that surround our various locations. We look forward to working together to continue to meet the many needs in Haiti. If your church, your family, or organization is interested in helping with any of these projects or sending a work team to work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, please contact me and we will help you organize and complete your project.
Please periodically visit our newly rebuilt website to stay connected to the ministry of which you are so vital a part. We are trying to utilize the website in a way that keeps you more informed of what God is doing in Haiti through your prayers and support.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ.
Mark Gillette