Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

May ’22 Update

Bon swa TeamOne27 Supporters                                                                                             May 2022
The big excitement for last month was the week long evangelistic crusade we held in Port-au-Prince right in the street between our girl’s and boy’s houses in Diquini, Carrefour. We rented staging, lights, a HUGE sound system, all manned by professionals, and involved participants from many local churches to reach out to the Lost with the Good News of the Gospel. After eight nights of worship, evangelism and healing prayers at least 45 young people made a decision to surrender their life to Christ and many more received healing from their physical infirmities. Each night there was joyful music and worship prior to the Biblical teaching. Hundreds jammed the street in celebration of all God has done for them and neighbors and passersby couldn’t help but get touched by the excitement and clear messages of the free gift of salvation offered to all.
(Attached are few pictures)
Many pastors from other local churches were invited to speak at the crusade. When they saw how God used the event to change lives and impact the community, they formed a group of churches to hold a similar (but larger) event this Fall at a central location. Preparations are already underway and we are excited to see how God will use this event for His Kingdom.
Since last month we have had many individuals share how God touched their infirmities and restored them to complete physical health. A few examples: a young man plagued with pain throughout his body (sickle cell anemia?} for many years was restored immediately to full health; a woman with a flow of blood for more than six years was instantly healed (sounds like what we read in the New Testament!); hundreds were relieved of headaches, stomach issues, etc. all because Christ paid for their healing 2,000 years ago. How amazing that He gave us the authority to speak in His Name!
Last week one of the young boys (see attached photo) at our Les Cayes orphanage dropped lifeless to the ground and was rushed to the local hospital where doctors agreed that nothing could be done for him. A visit to a second hospital confirmed that opinion. Pastor Daniel spoke life over the boy and those surrounding him continued in prayer for the four hours he lay lifeless. He shuddered, opened his eyes, and stood up with no further ill effects. God truly heals!
Gang activity has been greatly reduced by the combined actions of local police of several municipalities who have joined forces to confront the gangs. Many gang leaders have been killed and their followers jailed in this targeted action north and west of Port-au-Prince. The gangs who have terrorized the Martissant District, which separates our area from downtown P-au-P and the airport have yet to be addressed, but they have grown quiet in anticipation of the confrontation planned for the near future.
Food prices continue to soar to three times what they were just one year ago. The largely inactive Haitian government has yet to rescind the ban that the former (assassinated) president had put in place that severely limited shipments of supplies into the country for fear vehicles and containers might contain firearms or ammunition. We have a truck with over four tons of desperately needed food items that still sits in Pennsylvania awaiting the lifting of this restriction. The government has continually said the lifting of this ban is imminent, but it has yet to take effect. Please agree with us in prayer that the ban will be eliminated very soon. We could easily fill a second truck or school bus with the supplies we have been accumulating since the ban was put in place last Spring.
We were blessed with a very favorable rental agreement on a large property for our girls’ house, directly across the street from our boys’ house here in P-au-P. The building is roomy and offers exercise and play areas that are easily accessible to all our children and local staff. We will be welcoming ten new children next week: four from Jacmel and six from Jeremie, which was devastated by last August’s series of earthquakes. We need to purchase ten more beds for $100 each and an additional ten mattresses for $45 each. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
Other needs include a freezer for the girl’s house so we can buy chicken in bulk at more favorable prices. We need to replace the freezer that has served us so well for several years but has “died,” with this new, more efficient unit at a cost of $450. Also, we have built an additional three rooms at our Les Cayes compound for storage and housing that need a roof to cover all three rooms. Projected cost $3.500.
God has been opening new doors for us as the older children finish high school and additional training in a trade of their choice; equipped to leave Divine Ministries and take their place in the world beyond Divine Ministries. Their ongoing commitment includes supporting the children who come behind them and tithing to the local church, as well as repaying the no interest loan that paid for specific training in their chosen field. There is no lack of children who need a helping hand to guide them through their early years and provide a safe environment that will meet their needs for food, clothing, shelter and education, as well as discipling them in their walk with Christ.
Our school in Les Cayes continues to offer extremely low-cost schooling to many local children that otherwise could never afford a formal education; not free, but based on whatever is reasonable for the individual families. Along with the schooling we are able to offer solar-powered purified water to the surrounding community at a nominal charge thanks to a generous, Pittsburgh, PA-based ministry that provided the water treatment system.
We are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support that God has been honoring in ways that bless the children and staff at Divine Ministries as well as the communities that surround our various locations. We look forward to working together to continue to meet the many needs here in Haiti. If your church, your family, or organization is interested in helping with any of these projects or sending a work team here to work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, please contact me and we will help you organize and complete your project.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ.
Mark Gillette, Team One:27