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May 2021 Visit Update

Bon jou Team One:27 Supporters:                                                                                                                                  May 7, 2021
Kidnappings continue to escalate here in Haiti. Pastor Daniel informed me upon my arrival here on Wednesday that the incidence of kidnappings has doubled since my visit last month. The government is either powerless to combat this scourge or, as some say, complicit.
The house we rent for the girls in Port-au-Prince as had to also accommodate the boys for the past 5 months as we have been waiting for the owner to make the needed repairs on the property to which we planned to move the boys. The owner has “escaped” to the USA and, though he promised to arrange for the repairs to be made, has yet to accomplish them. Pastor Daniel has found another property for the boys very close to our headquarters where we expect to move them very soon.
On Good Friday we drove a large truck holding over four tons of food to Port Newark, NJ, to ship to St Marc, Haiti. The office was closed so we drove back to PA. We now know why we didn’t get to ship the truck as planned. The Haitian government has basically closed the ports to incoming goods because they found guns and ammunition were being shipped into Haiti. It is now possible to ship vehicles into Haiti ONLY if they are empty. That doesn’t help us at all. We do ship vehicles to be used as a profit center or sold for profit, but to ship them empty is unprofitable and worse, doesn’t get the food that is so desperately needed to our orphanages. Pleaase pray for this situation to be resolved quickly so we can ship this truck of food to Divine Ministries.
On the brighter side, we now have a good working solar-powered system installed at our headquarters in Port-au-Prince. The next project will be to install a similar system at the girls’ house, where they now spend nearly all non-daylight hours in the dark, as the government rarely supplies electricity to much of the city. This project can be accomplished for just $1,000 USD. If you, a Sunday school class, church, or other group would like to be a BIG blessing to the children and staff, please consider contributing to that effort.
Growing Pains: Life continues on and we now have six grown boys who will be transitioning out of Divine Ministries. We trust they are now prepared to fare well in the world with the education and dedication to Christ they have learned and seen modeled during their growth years with us. Most of these boys already have jobs in their chosen field that will provide for them. Milo will be given one of the treadle sewing machines we purchased and some startup funds to create a sewing business. Gilbert is receiving a motorcycle and enough money to get him started in a transportation business. Stanley and Souveur have secured positions that offer lodging along with their pay. All six have been educated and prepared for success. Please pray for these young men, that they will continue to trust in God and serve Him faithfully as He supplies their needs.
One impetus for having these boys move out is that we will be accepting fifteen new little ones: five each at Les Cayes, and our girls’ and boys’ houses in Port-au-Prince. Little ones cost less to house, but they eat more than you might imagine. It is amazing how much food they can pack away! Add to that medical costs and education and we exceed the breakeven point, but are trusting God to supply for them.
We are still pursuing the purchase of a large plot of land near the border with the Dominican Republic. Sufficient land for our needs can be purchased for $100,000, though we may be able to start the project for $50,000 down. We hope to purchase of some of the buildings that were built by the German Unicef Ministry in preparation for the projected Covid-19 Haitian epidemic. In retrospect, none of the buildings were ever used – not even one patient was ever admitted there! They were solidly built of wood framing with a metal roof and could be easily disassembled and relocated to whatever site the Lord provides for us. We would welcome donations and/or mission teams to help in the construction of this new orphanage site. It would relieve us of the annual rental charges we have always paid in Port-au-Prince for two locations: one for girls and one for boys.
Last month we told you about the hacking of our website. It has since been rebuilt and you will find it more informative and up-to-date. Going forward, it will contain information about current needs, successes, God-sightings, and financial information. We have taken the colon out of our website address as it served to confuse our ministry with a similar name of a ministry in Kansas. Our website name is now and the link to PayPal is working again for those who wish to contribute using that method.
Thank you for your continued prayers and other forms of support for this ministry. May God richly bless you, your families, and your relationship with Christ, through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit.
Your brother in Christ,
Mark Gillette, Team One27