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June 2021 Visit Update

Bon swa Team One 27 Supporters:                                                                                                                          June 23, 2021
It is hot here in Haiti this week, though nothing like what we are hearing to be true in the USA southwest.
There has been a significant decrease in the number of kidnappings (that is the good news), but the gangs have moved on to taking over businesses; killing the owners and stealing everything in the store. That has resulted in businesses that are needed in their communities simply closing their doors. So goods and services that were already getting more and more expensive have become unavailable at any price. At the time of this writing, Pastor Daniel Jean is out scouring his regular supply sources trying to buy enough rice to last for the next two to three weeks. We have been told that current supplies of all basic necessities will be exhausted within the next two weeks.
The gangs have also taken over entire communities, burned houses, killed indiscriminately, and generally terrorized the already hurting people. The government seems powerless to combat the crime; some say, even complicit. Somewhere between 2–3,000 people are now temporarily housed at the Centre De Sportif in the Carrefour District of Port-au-Prince because returning to their homes could be a death sentence.
Yesterday, Tuesday, June 22nd, a gang in one of the more dangerous sections of downtown P-au-P “upped the ante” by robbing a branch of the Soge Bank, taking everything of value. We pray that this will not become the next phase of the gang modus operandi.
School is now over for this year so Pastor Daniel Jean is arranging to move all the children at Divine Ministries that currently live in P-au-P out to our compound in the countryside of Les Cayes. They will spend the next two to three weeks there to enjoy its fresh air and relatively safe environs. Our hope is the government will find a way during that time to mitigate, if not eliminate the terror that is being inflicted on the populace.
Haitians don’t trust the brand of Covid 19 vaccine that has been made available, so very few have been vaccinated. They say they are waiting for “the good vaccine.” In our areas Covid has not been a major issue, though we hear that other sections of the country are in a battle with it. For now, travel in and out of the country continues with a negative Covid test within three days of travel the primary requirement.
Solar power has now been installed in the girls’ house in P-au-P, the third of our four locations. The boys’ house in P-au-P is the final location to have solar power installed. Thanks to two families that have responded to God’s prompting, the two new solar systems have been completely funded up front – Praise God! We have been called to be “a light to the world,” and these donors are making that possible here in a tangible way (pun intended).
Now that we have electricity, we need to install a total of seven ceiling fans in the two orphanages in P-au-P. A good quality ceiling fan can be purchased here for $100. Perhaps God would make a way for you to provide one or more of these fans. You can probably imagine how hot an closed in room can be in 100 degree daytime temperatures, and 80’s and 90’s during the night.
Another needed project is to resurface the future kitchen floor in Les Cayes and replace the metal roof that is weather-worn and leaking. The floor will require rebar, cement, and labor – total estimated cost $600. We don’t have an estimate yet for the roof, but expect it to require the wooden rafters to be replaced, as well as the metal.
We mentioned last month that there is land available in Haiti near the Dominican Republic border where we hope to build a new compound to which we could move all our children and staff. The cost of land is less there, as well as food and other items that are regularly shipped from the DR into Haiti. Another important reason to relocate is to escape the danger that is rampant in the Port-au-Prince area. We realize this is a big project that will require time and large resources, but we serve a BIG God, and He loves us. Please agree with us in prayer that this project will be financed without any debt.
The large truck we bought with proceeds from the school buses in which we shipped food and supplies to Haiti is now making two runs a week into the countryside to haul charcoal back to the city. The profits from this small business will help generate income to meet the daily expenses here at Divine Ministries. This is one more profit center we have created to fund the ministry to the hurting here.
We are so thankful for your faithful prayer and financial support that God has been honoring in ways that bless the children and staff at Divine Ministries as well as the communities that surround our various locations. We look forward to working together to continue to meet the many needs here in Haiti. If your church, your family, or organization is interested in helping with any of these projects or sending a work team here to work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters, please contact me and we will help you organize and complete your project.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ.
Mark Gillette, Team One 27