Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

Jan 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Haitians have not had a very happy 2022 but look forward to better times in 2023. Their strong faith in God continues to give them strength and hope.
Just two months ago gasoline cost as much as $ 50 per gallon in US dollars, IF you could find anyone with fuel to sell. Today, although finding fuel can still be difficult, the price is “only” $ 10 per gallon. Such a deal!
At today’s writing we have three children in Les Cayes who are sick and required medicine. Thankfully, we had the funds to buy the medicine and are trusting God to complete their healing.
We have been able to pay all of the staff and teachers at Divine Ministries and even make a partial payment toward the rent due on the boys’ house in Port-au-Prince this month. We still have approximately $ 2,500 in rent to pay for that facility, and will need another $ 3,500 to pay the rent on the girls’ house next month. Since food prices have remained almost four times what they were just a year ago, keeping all the children at Divine Ministries fed and housed has been a faith journey. If you can help in a special way this month it would be deeply appreciated.
The truckload of food and other needed supplies we have had ready to ship since Easter weekend of 2021 is still here in Reading, PA. We are working through a shipper of containers who has contacts in many countries, but containers are in very short supply right now due to supply chain issues. Added to that is the ongoing unrest in Haiti, so it may take extra time to secure a container destined for that country. Please keep this matter in prayer because our loved ones in Haiti really need the food now (still) sitting on that truck.
If I was successful in adding the link from BBC to this email, you can watch a short video covering live footage of some of the violence that has erupted in Haiti over poor government, high prices and the frustration over how gangs continue to rule the streets in Haiti.
If clicking on this link doesn’t take you directly to the video, please cut and paste the address into a new page and watch the five minute presentation of recent activities in Haiti.
As 2022 comes to an end we are trusting God for continuous improvement in the conditions all living in Haiti currently suffer under. Please agree with us in prayer to this end.
Thanks for your continued support in all the various forms God equips you to stay involved in the lives of our loved ones in Haiti.
Merry Christmas and may 2023 be your most blessed year yet!
Mark Gillette