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Haiti President Assassination

Greetings in Jesus’ Name,
Many of you have heard by now of the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise. The populace had never accepted his election and his ruling style was ineffective, arrogant and damaging to the country socially and economically.  
The US embassy in Tabarre, Haiti has closed for the day and ordered all personnel to stay in their compound there. No travel within the country is recommended and they also encourage all American citizens there to establish evacuation plans. No word on whether the airlines are honoring or canceling flights at this time.
There has been a plan in place for some time for an orderly transition of power in the Haiti government, since Jovenel had agreed to leave office on February 7th, 2021, though he failed to do so. That further aggravated an already volatile situation. The country was a tinderbox due to declining conditions and rapidly escalating inflation. Food and fuel was becoming increasingly hard to find at any price.
There is a Premier in place to guide the country through the elections planned for later this year. Let’s agree in prayer that the country will allow the powers that be to establish order without further bloodshed or any other forms of violence. The gangs that have been terrorizing the country must be brought under control. Jovenel was either unable to accomplish that, or unwilling. It was widely rumored that he was even complicit.
It seems Haiti goes from one crisis to another. Last week the country was hit with storm Elsa, which caused major damage to homes. buildings and crops. Our compound in Les Cayes was hit hard with winds blowing down the sliding metal gate that protects from unlawful and/or unwelcome entries. It also ripped parts of the metal roof off the kitchen and play areas and destroyed the banana trees and other crops which help feed the children there.
We still have a truck filled with over four tons of food sitting in PA waiting for the customs depot (which Jovenel had closed since Easter 2021) to reopen for receiving shipments. We optimistically are believing that the interim government will immediately open the country to resume trade and the flow of goods and food into Haiti.
Please continue to pray for order to be restored and a sound, biblically-based government to be formed in Haiti. The people there have suffered for years because the wealth that should be shared and used to improve conditions in the country has largely lined the pockets of those elected to leadership.
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