Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

Earthquake Effects Update

We are blessed to report two items of good news; Madame Dumas was traveling when the earthquake occurred so she was not in her house when it was flattened – praise God!  Also the staff woman injured when the kitchen wall fell sustained severe bruising but no broken bones so “Again I say, rejoice!”
Other news requires us to continue to exercise our faith.  Since the quake, 45 families have moved into our Les Cayes compound to share our space, food and water.  Money was sent to provide tarps since a lot of our children and our guests are afraid to sleep inside the buildings while the aftershocks continue.  When it is only raining or sunny the tarps are a blessing.  When there are high winds due to the recent tropical storms, it creates a different challenge.  Please pray that God provides some calm weather and access to more food and water.  Also pray that the generosity and caring of our staff is a strong witness to our guests so that many may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.