Bread of Life to the physically hungry, Living Water for the spiritually thirsty.

Crusade Upcoming!

Hey Friends:


Pastor Daniel Jean and Pastor Yongton of Church On Fire have set the dates for an evangelistic crusade for Sunday, April 3 through Sunday, April 10, 2022 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The primary purpose is evangelistic, through preaching the Gospel and confirming the Word with signs following; especially healing those who need a touch from God.


The estimated cost for a sound system, staging, water, etc, is $5,000 USD, of which the Church On Fire believes they can provide roughly half. This past week construction work was begun on the expansion of the church building in P-au-P in an effort to accommodate the growing congregation, which expands on a weekly, if not daily, basis. God is good!


I have made my travel arrangements for this event (see below) but would welcome any receiving this email who feel God’s call to participate in this outreach to consider this an invitation to “jump on board.” I just made my flight arrangements today and know there are many available seats on the flights I chose…


If your belief in God’s willingness to heal (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) could use a boost, I would encourage you to seriously consider being part of His solution to show Himself strong on behalf of His church; especially regarding the needs of the unsaved who will be attending this crusade.


If you need more information or would like my help in making your arrangements, just let me know,