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Christmas 2021 Update

Joyeux Noel TeamOne27 Supporters:                                                                                                                         December 25, 2021
First off, thank you for all the various means of support for the children at Divine Ministries in Haiti that you provided so far in 2021. The children and staff there are extremely grateful that you listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit to help meet the needs of these dear ones.
You probably heard that all 17 of the missionary hostages that were kidnapped in October are now free and back home with their families. We praise God for their safe release. You may not be aware that the last 12 to be “released” actually escaped during the night. Either way, we are grateful that they were unharmed, though they will doubtless bear some emotional baggage for some time to come from that ordeal.
The gangs are still nominally in control of the country and continue to regulate the amount of fuel that is accessible to the public, including hospitals, banks, businesses, etc. Gasoline fluctuates between $4 and $20 per gallon USD, depending on whether the gangs are permitting gas to be distributed. In the times when fuel is being held back, hospitals, banks, and other businesses can only open for business on certain days of the week because they have no fuel to run the generators needed for electricity. We continue to pray that the Haitian government can gain enough strength and manpower to subdue the gangs and end this reign of lawlessness.
In happier news: A non-government organization (NGO) named OIM has provided 500 tarps and 500 hygiene kits to Daniel for distribution to those hard hit by the August earthquake, You probably didn’t hear about the additional “shakings” that our loved ones in Les Cayes experienced earlier this week. Any time these occur our children, staff and neighbors are brutally reminded of the devastation and loss of life that happened earlier. No rest for the weary!
The wall around our compound in Les Cayes is now restored to its pre-earthquake condition; and even better, since it is all new. Operation Blessing has offered to help finish the guest house on our orphanage property, but the requisite government paperwork must be acquired before funds can be disbursed. Please pray for the speedy handling of the paperwork that Pastor Daniel Jean has submitted.
Another NGO, named AVC, has asked to use our Les Cayes compound to offer training to the locals who have specific skills that need further development. Education is so important to supporting one’s family and for upward mobility. Praise God for this additional resource!
Here in the USA we celebrate Christmas with church services, many gifts to loved ones, lavish meals – even beyond what is good for our health. In Haiti, a meal of fish and rice is considered a blessing from God, and if possible, an article of new clothing makes for an extra-special Christmas. Marjorie Jean is putting on a small Christmas party in both Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes for our children and staff. It might seem to us to be “meager,” but I have seen how excited the children and staff get over any special occasion.
Lord willing, I will return to Haiti sometime next month, for the first time since late July 2021. Gangs are still an issue, and travelling in a large group could make one a target, but Daniel Jean believes that we can be safe together by circumventing the areas controlled by the gangs. My (usual) monthly visits to Haiti serve as more than simply a courier of health and beauty aid items that are so expensive in Haiti; it is important for clear communication and encouragement for both those at Divine Ministries and those who support the work from here in the USA.
We realize that for the past two months most of us have received repeated and varied requests for donations from many worthwhile organizations. But we also know that for many donors the end of the year is when they consider to whom they will send a contribution, as good stewards that are aware of tax burden considerations. So we would be remiss if we did not remind all interested that every penny donated to TeamOne27 is conveyed directly, in its entirety to Divine Ministries in Hope for Haitian Children. Please ask the Holy Spirit to direct any yearend giving you may consider, as there are many “areas of the vineyard,” and only the Lord knows where it would be the most useful. And as my former pastor used to say “Give until it feels good!”
Please periodically visit our newly rebuilt website to stay connected to the ministry of which you are so vital a part. We are trying to utilize the website in a way that keeps you more informed of what God is doing in Haiti through your prayers and support.
May God continue to bless you mightily as you partner with Him to reach the Lost for Christ and help alleviate the suffering of many of the hurting around the world.
Mark Gillette
PO Box 78, Wernersville, PA 19565