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August 17, 2021 Quake Info Update

Hello Fellow Supporters:

I just got off the phone with Pastor Daniel Jean, who was on the ground (literally – he was knocked down three times!) in Les Cayes last Saturday when the initial earthquake hit that area. We spoke 20 minutes after that first event and have kept in frequent contact ever since. He has been giving us a detailed account of the situation there and sending photos as well.
Attached are two photos Daniel took right after the initial earthquake of houses right across the street from our Les Cayes facility. One of the houses belonged to Madam Dumas, the lady who graciously donated the land on which we built our orphanage,
If you have been following any of the recent reports regarding Haiti you already know that the earthquake that struck the southern peninsula last Saturday devastated the areas of Les Cayes, Jeremie, and virtually all the towns in between. The orphanage we built in Les Cayes was hit hard. Most of the security wall surrounding the compound was destroyed, and the school building we recently built sustained damage as well. One wall of our kitchen fell, injuring one of the women that work there, and the orphanage building itself now has a crack in one wall.
All the above damage happened when the initial earthquake struck, but aftershocks have continued, and Daniel reports that no one was able to sleep last night due to the pounding rain and continuing tremors. No one is willing to sleep indoors due to the fear of further collapse. We have a large area covered by a roof attached to the orphanage wall where our children and staff are huddled, along with 20 local families that lost their houses on Saturday. That number will likely continue to grow because we offer shelter, medical aid and food, to the extent that we can.
Pastor Daniel is well known as a local leader and people instinctively come to him there to provide for basic needs and reassurance that God will protect and provide for them. 
This morning we sent funds for Daniel to purchase tarps and other tent-making supplies to expand the capacity for shelter at our facility. The solar-powered water treatment system we have at our compound will be very important in the days ahead, as earthquakes can play havoc with water tables and stir up sediment, etc. not normally included in the local drinking water.
There are always basic needs at our orphanages, and seasonal events like school uniforms, tuition, and annual rent, but there is no way for us to plan ahead for events so devastating as the earthquake with which we are now dealing. If you, your church or civic group would like to help relieve the hurting that Haitians are experiencing right now, we have a network in place to forward all funds to Pastor Daniel Jean in Haiti and promise to get all donations quickly to Haiti in their entirety.  
There is a Paypal link on our website or you can mail a donation made payable to Team One27 to:
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Thank you for any support you can give at this time of crisis,
Mark Gillette
Team One27