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August 14, 2021 Quake

Daniel’s report today on the earthquake: 
None of our children or staff were seriously injured, but many in the neighboring city of Les Cayes are dead. (Confirmed death toll has risen from 300 to over 700 in the last 24 hours). Entire buildings are down in Les Cayes, but we only lost one wall of our kitchen.  It fell on one of our workers and hurt his leg.  Children were thrown to the ground, but sustained minor injuries only.  Our security gate is down as well. 
We have further learned that the home of our Les Cayes benefactor Madam Demas was completely destroyed.  We are awaiting an update on her well being.  Picture of the damage to her home included below.
The total number of persons killed or injured will take a while to determine.  ALL our churches in nearby Jeremie (in the mountains) were flattened, and that area is extremely hard to reach by vehicle. 
We will provide updates as more information comes in.